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Ensuring that your roofs are inspected and cleaned extends the life of any roof. Being able to spot deficiencies and areas of concern can prevent small issues from becoming larger. At Paramount Roofing, LLC our roofing experts have the knowledge to spot and determine potential issues that may be of concern and advise on how to correct them. Debris from trees and wind can cause damage to your roofs if not supported by a routine maintenance program.  Inspecting your roofs can also allow you the opportunity to remove debris that may have been left behind on repairs to AC units or other mechanical items that may be on your roofs.  Small repairs that may need to be done can prevent a larger problem in the future when the repair is completed and taken care of.

We recommend annual inspections for all commercial roofing systems at a minimum.  A roof failure is often lack of proper maintenance and inspection. Visual inspections and routine maintenance can significantly increase the life of the roof and save you money.

If you need an annual inspection of your roof our qualified roof inspectors walk the entire roof and photograph all areas of concerns and deficiencies.  These are noted along with recommended maintenance. To request a roof inspection for your property click here.

Inspection on  a roof may include, but is not limited to:

1. Debris on roof (bird droppings, tree and leaf debris)

2. Inspect attic vents for cracking, flaking and metal rusting.

3. Checking for exposed nails.

4. Inspect for animal damage.

5. Inspect shingles for issues such as curling, cupping, flaking, tearing, splitting, blistering.

6. Hail and wind damage inspection.

7. Roof top cleaning, skylight, tee top condition of cracking sealing.

8. Ponding on roof and slope condition.



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