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Don't Replace Your Roof, Revitalize It

The restoration and revitalization of your existing roof eliminates the need for the noisy, dirty, time-consuming process of removing your roof and installing a new one.

The installation of a roof maintenance system may be fully tax deductible as an operating expense.

A key advantage of a restoration system, instead of a new roof system, is how each system is classified for tax purposes. Restoration may be classified as a maintenance item, and then will be fully expensed in the current year, as opposed to a new roof system which will be amortized over a 39 year period. Consult your professional tax advisor for full details on your particular situation.



Benefits of a Cool, Low Slope Roof

Over time, the constant exposure of the elements to your roof system accelerates aging, splits and cracks the material, and does lead to full roof system failure. Not only the damage to your existing system would be a major concern, but the heat buildup from the roof can lead to increased building temperatures, personnel discomfort, and increased energy consumption.


With the installation of an applied emulsion, low slope roofing system, the harmful effects of the elements can be minimized, and the longevity of your roof will be prolonged. The additional advantage of this system is the “Cooling Factor”. A cool roof will drastically reduce the roofing materials’ ambient temperature, therefore decreasing the amount of heat transfer into your building. In turn, this allows for cooler building temperatures and less energy consumption.


How The Applied Emulsion System Works

Four layers of roof protection work in concert to cool your building. The elstomeric top coating will usher rainwater down the gentle slope of your roofing system while protecting the layers beneath it.


When you factor in the recovery of costs through proper accounting methods, as well as the energy savings you will realize for years, our low slope roofing system is arguably the best way to revitalize your Arizona roof. For more information or to request pricing, contact us today.


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