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Elastomeric roof coatings are waterproof, durable and protect your roof from the heat and cold.

An elastomeric coating protects your roof surfaces to prevent deterioration and to restore roofing material damage.  Roofs are made up of three or more layers, a waterproof membrane insulation and an adhesive, so why would you need to add a roof coating?  The elastomeric coating provides a longer life to your roof and the roofing material.  The rubberized coating protects it from storm damage and protects the roof from UV light.  It is also fire resistant.  Roofs can be kept cooler in the heat of an Arizona summer and reflecting the heat helps the roofing material last longer.  It also adds to energy saving efficiency  to both residential and commercial roofs.  Adding a new layer of coating will prolong the life of your roof and protect it from possible surrounding damage and save on energy costs. 


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